Home Away from Home: The Foodways Narratives of the Balkan Diaspora in Newfoundland

Ruzhica Samokovlija Baruh (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

The paper examines the concepts of place and taste and their role in shaping Balkanian’s foodways and cultural identity in Newfoundland. In order to unpack the dynamics and complexities inherent in the Balkan Foodways, I turn to people’s personal narratives, experiences, and perspectives. Here, I particularly examine how Balkanians use their understanding of place, and taste, as means to negotiate and re(create) certain aspects of their traditional foodways. These changes, are mirrored in people’s eating habits, food preferences, and food-related customs, which in turn are influenced by the nature, geographical biodiversity, and market economy of the host region.

Part of 02-15 Technology, Foodways, Festival, and Ceremony, Thursday, November 02, 10:30 am–12:30 pm