The Myrtles Plantation of Louisiana and the Ghost Legend of Chloe

Sarah Elizabeth Meador (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

This paper explores the supposed ghost legend of Chloe, an enslaved girl who lived at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Chloe’s legend has no historical evidence. However, the now bed-and-breakfast offers tours centered around Chloe’s and other ghost legends while simultaneously erasing the experiences of the actual enslaved people who lived at the Myrtles. My study examines users’ interactions with these stories on TripAdvisor. Through texts from reviews and the Q+A sections of TripAdvisor, I seek to identify patterns among the texts and to analyze how people interact with the Myrtle’s legends, particularly that of Chloe’s ghost.

Part of V5-02 Ghost and Found, Thursday, October 12, 10:30 am–12:30 pm