Why I Care So Much About Huckleberry Pie, and Why You Should Care About Your Food Traditions, too.

Jessica Oravetz (University of Oregon)

Huckleberry pie has been one of my family's traditions for generations, passed on from mother to daughter. This dish--a place-based food, a comfort food, a family food, a holiday food, and more--is rich for analysis using Lucy Long’s theories about meaningfulness. Recognizing the deeper meaning in our family foods helps break down the door to understanding the cultural or personal significance of someone else’s foods and emphasizes the value of traditions and personal relationships. A folkloric approach to studying food helps us identify how to live well in realms other than foodways.

Part of 06-08 Foodways and Identity in Faith, Family, and Folktales, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm