Spirituality and Veterans: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Suicide Among War Veterans

Braulio Rodas (Combat Veteran Folklore)

Through a systematic literature review he developed questions and analyzed the results of a study assessing the applicability of interventions aimed at reducing suicide among the veteran population while also understanding the parallels between homelessness and suicidality. This theory-based study used the trans-personal theoretical framework which hinges on meaning, connection, and purpose. In a podcast style show he facilitates one on one conversations and storytelling to understand how previous experiences shape who veterans see themselves as in everyday life. This social experience was developed to bridge the veteran community with the traditional civilian population, conversation topics include trauma, moral and spiritual injury, healing, and leadership.

Part of 03-09 Start with a Story: Veteran Narratives as Healing and Intervention, Thursday, November 02, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm