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Wonda F Macon

Participating in African American Traditional Music, History and the Black Experience: Black Oklahoma Blues, 8:30 pm–10:30 pm, Friday, October 14

Bio: My name is Wonda Macon I was born 04/19/1959. My mother was a piano teacher and father was a Preacher; as a child in our family gospel group, we traveled around singing in churches. I won first place in the school talent show doing my very first Tina Turner act. When I got out of school, I stared a rock band; later I met a man name Mississippi Pete, and he asked me to sing in his Blues Band many years ago. I love singing The Blues, etc. I have been a really blessed local singer and have received some really nice recognition for my work. I am also the Music Coordinator for different organizations: The Leon Rollarsons; Diamond award coordinator for the OKC area; and Larry Johnson’s music foundation. I have been blessed. I also ran my own childcare and much more. I run a business called The Still Standing Rentals for musicians to help them get back on there feet and help them get back into music so they can shine again! This program is one of the reasons I received The Humanitarian Award of the year in OKC, and became a Blues Hall of Fame 2019, Best Entertainer of The Year 2019, and into Black Performing arts and their Hall of Fame, etc. You can find my original music and video’s at: Miss Sunsetter spank me video and much more. I hope you subscribe and give me a like. Band Name is Sunset and a Band Called Moon!