Vidya Cowsik Santosh (City Lore)

Participating in forum 27-03

Bio: Vidya Cowsik Santosh is designer, artist, and educator based in St. Louis. She is committed to building user-centered experiences that help people creatively integrate their experiences, values, and identities. As a senior designer at Local Projects, she worked with the Equal Justice Initiative to create and launch The Legacy Museum in 2017. She continues to pursue equity and healing through her work as a teaching artist with organizations like City Lore and as a training member of the DEI-focused Big Apple Playback Theatre company. Vidya enjoys actively decolonizing her relationship to her own ancestral art forms. She is investigating the South Indian ritual graphic art of kolam and has been a bharatanatyam dancer (classical Indian dance theater) for over 20 years —currently working with Malini Srinivasan and the Gitanjali Dance School. Vidya holds a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Washington University in St. Louis.