Preconference Events

Hear from Harrisburg: Virtual Summer Series

This summer series whet our appetites for the Harrisburg meeting, and offered a chance to start learning more about the traditions and perspectives of the diverse communities who live in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania.

The series was facilitated by members of the AFS Annual Meeting Local Planning Committee who have strong ties to the featured speakers, who aimed to spark conversations about practice, community, resilience and sustainability.

Visit each page of each presentation below to view the recorded sessions.

September 23: Creative Texts and Spoken Word Traditions

Creative traditions embedded in words and stories from Harrisburg’s Black and Latinx communities, featuring Rick Kearns and Nathaniel Gadsden as well as The Writers Wordshop.

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July 8:  Textile and Fiber Traditions of Central Pennsylvania

An overview of local textile traditions that have European and Asian roots.

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September 9: Spiritual Messengers Warriors for God

A men’s contemporary gospel ensemble based in the First Spirit Filled Missionary Baptist Church in Harrisburg, who describe themselves as a source of healing and connection for those who come to hear them perform.

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June 8: Sviraj!: Balkan Dance Music from Central Pennyslvania

A Balkan tamboura ensemble from Steelton, Pennsylvania, performing ballads, popular songs and especially kolos, upbeat dance music.

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August 12: Magnificent Healing: a Reader’s Theater by the PA Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Network

A reader’s theater play about immigrant and refugee women’s experiences with the U.S. healthcare system and its collisions with traditional healing practices.

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May 13:  Easter Traditions of Central Pennsylvania

Barbara Felty and Mary Lou Leisey demonstrate and discuss the significance and sustainability of egg decorating traditions.

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This webinar explores key conceptual issues and challenges in heritage theory, policy and practice.

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This webinar centers on Latinidades while featuring four folklorists who engage in a discussion about folklorists studying both their own and other cultures.

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