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Hear from Harrisburg: Sviraj! Balkan Dance Music

“Sviraj” translates to “play on!” and is shouted in encouragement, almost as a command, when a tamburitza musician is playing with special energy and inspiration. (“Sviraj” is pronounced svee-rye with a rolled “r.”) In Steelton, Pennsylvania, Sviraj is a well-known Balkan tambura ensemble featuring Chris Radanovic (bass), Michael Furjanic (violin/tambura); Danilo Yanich (bugarija/accordion), and Lenny Tepsich (Celo/Doumbek). The group, from both Serbian and Croatian roots, performs ballads, popular songs, and especially kolos—an upbeat dance music. They learned their music from older traditional musicians, and frequently play for community events, weddings, and church festivals. They have worked to sustain this tradition for more than 35 years.

You can learn more about Sviraj! by visiting the Susquehanna Folk Music Society’s virtual exhibit about the group.