Saturday, Oct. 15

Festival of Ideas: Food Equity

Saturday, October 15, 12:30 pm–2:15 pm
Studio 315

Sponsored by the American Folklore Society

Chair: Sally Van de Water (Arts Institute of Middlesex County)

Hayden Roberts (Oklahoma State University)

Join facilitators as they workshop ideas about how foodways can serve in the pursuit of food justice in the 2022 Festival of Ideas: Food Equity.Connecting the problem of food insecurity to cultural traditions about food allows for communities to serve those in need in holistic and equitable ways. A program from Middlesex County, NJ, “Share Your Foodways” serves to create delicious, culturally distinct dishes from ingredients available at the local food pantry. Spearheaded by a team of colleagues with support from Middlesex County's Arts & History Programs and funded in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Share Your Foodways combines the efforts of regional food and social service providers with the Arts Institute of Middlesex County to give back to the community through a collaborative foodways program with three goals: 1. Reduce food insecurity during the pandemic; 2. Celebrate the culinary traditions of County residents; and 3. Destigmatize the use of food pantries.

This Festival of Ideas is a format created to invite conversations for attendees to share ideas, resources, problem solving techniques, and experiences around the community-driven interests that connect conference goers together. Join us in conversation with the Share Your Foodways Team and local organizations pursuing food justice to discuss the strategies, issues, and opportunities in this work. Participants will have the opportunity to strategize and develop tangible plans for pursuing food justice in their own communities

Note: The Festival of Ideas, launched at the 2019 Baltimore Annual Meeting guided by the theme “Community Driven,” is not the usual conference session. Rather, we hope to create a space where everyone can ask, “How can we help each other?”