Saturday, Oct. 15

09-12 Film: Dutch Hop!

Saturday, October 15, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Director 3

Sponsored by the Public Programs Section

Chair: Annie Hatch () and Gwendolyn Meister (Nebraska Folklife)

2:30 pm
Dutch Hop! : Personal Reflections on the Film
Gwendolyn Meister (Nebraska Folklife)

3:00 pm
Dutch Hop! Movie
Annie Hatch ()

This session will present Dutch Hop!, a new film by Chris Simon and Annie Hatch. It features the unique polka music and dance tradition of the Volga Germans who brought it to the Great Plains. The film features the musicians, dancers, and families who treasure this cultural gem and keep the tradition alive in the Platte River valleys of Nebraska, Colorado, and, Wyoming. The 56-minute documentary will be followed by a Q&A with producer Annie Hatch and lead folklorist Gwendolyn Meister. Filmmaker/folklorist Chris Simon and accordion musician Bob Schmer will join the session.