Saturday, October 15

07-08 Women, Legend, and Ballad in Greater Mexico

Saturday, October 15, 8:00 am–10:00 am

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Camille Maria Acosta (Independant, New Mexico Arts Folk Arts Program)

8:00 am
Feminine-Voiced Balladry of the U.S. Southwest Borderlands: Poetics of “La Indita de Juliana Ortega”
Carmella Scorcia Pacheco (University of Arizona)

8:30 am
Sonic Testimonios: Centering Embodied Listening and Place-Making Narratives
Cecilia A. Valenzuela (University of San Diego)

9:00 am
La Llorona: Roots, Branches, and a Missing Link from Spain
Stephen Winick (American Folklife Center)

9:30 am
La Llorona, Picante Pero Sabroso: The Mexican Horror Legend as a Story of Survival and a Reclamation of the Monster
Camille Maria Acosta (Independant, New Mexico Arts Folk Arts Program)

Assembled Panel