06-06 Phases of Fieldwork

Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Directors Suite

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Brandon Barker (Indiana University Bloomington)

2:30 pm
Okra & Masala : Indian Food in the American South
Pravina Shukla (Indiana University)

3:00 pm
Into the Field, Exploring Irish Ways of Death
Ray Cashman (Indiana University Bloomington)

3:30 pm
Are Beliefs Real? Answers from the Field
Brandon Barker (Indiana University Bloomington)

4:00 pm
Folk Art: The View from Within
Henry Glassie (Indiana University)

So much depends upon fieldwork. To learn, to document, to contrast our own experiences, to avoid speculation, to rouse creativity, we head into the field. This panel will address core principles of folkloristic fieldwork—including specific documentary procedures, the iterative nature of successful fieldwork, the cyclical qualities of ethical fieldwork, and the reasons why fieldwork remains compulsory in folklore studies. Four projects—focusing on four diverse topics, situated in four separate field sites, progressed to four different stages of completion—anchor our forum.