01-05 Heritage on the Move in the name of Democracy

Thursday, November 02, 8:30 am–10:00 am
Studio Suite

This live event will not be recorded.

Sponsored by the Folklore and Museums Section, the Public Programs Section

Chair: Lizette Gradén (Lund University) and Thomas O'Dell (Lund University)

Forum participants:

Brent Bjorkman (Western Kentucky University)

Ann K. Ferrell (Western Kentucky University)

Tim Frandy (University of British Columbia)

Marsha L. MacDowell (Michigan State University)

Diana Baird N'Diaye (African American and African Diaspora Studies)

The central question that this forum focuses upon is how can cultural heritage be mobilized to promote democratic processes and values, and how can this be done in a manner that facilitates senses of engagement and welcoming inclusion in communities around museums and other cultural institutions. The forum asks, how can local populations be more collaboratively included in heritage institutions’ and museums’ daily activities to acknowledge differences in a tolerant and open way? How can democratic values be promoted as people with different backgrounds work together to partake of exhibitions, performances and educational as well as cultural programming opportunities?