07-12 Directions in Carnival Studies

Saturday, November 04, 8:30 am–10:00 am
Galleria III

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Jack Santino (Bowling Green State University, retired)

8:30 am
Decolonizing Carnival in the Caribbean
Philip W. Scher (University of Oregon)

8:45 am
Is Carnival Carnivalesque?
Peter Tokofsky (Stanford University)

9:00 am
’Mixed, but not that mixed’: gender, ethnic identity, and legacies of empire in Philippine beauty pageantry
Kiana N. Nadonza (University of Oregon)

9:15 am
Questioning Carnival and the Concept of "Carnivalesque"
Jack Santino (Bowling Green State University, retired)

9:30 am
Rachelle H. Saltzman (Folklore & Public Culture, U of Oregon)

Mikhail Baktin's use of the term "carnivalesque" has informed the study of carnival for decades. However, not every carnival is emancipatory, as noted by carnival scholar Aurélie Godet (Journal of Festive Studies 2, (2020) 13. Of course, many famous carnivals, such as in Nice, Venice, and Rio de Janeiro are large, institutionalized events aimed as much at tourism as of and by the local populations. This session will examine what I hope are post-Bahktinian theoretical approaches to the study of carnival, in all its multitudinous forms. We ask, is carnival carnivalesque? Issues of gender, colonialization, and social hierarchy in carnival will be addressed.