06-01 Narrative Knows No Boundaries: Papers Inspired by the Work of Amy Shuman

Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Pavilion Ballroom

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Ann K. Ferrell (Western Kentucky University) and Martha C. Sims (Independent Folklorist, Writer and Researcher)

2:30 pm
Other People’s Storied Objects: Unpacking the Personal at the Intersections of Narrative and Material Culture
Sheila Bock (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

2:45 pm
Untellable Narratives: Context, Consent, and Capacity
Olivia Caldeira (The Ohio State University)

3:00 pm
Hearing and Telling Lakota People’s Stories: Narrated Events and Narrative Events at Pine Ridge
Cynthia Cox ()

3:15 pm
Passing as Hearing: Stories of Diagnosis, Disability, and Erasure
Kate Parker Horigan (Independent Folklorist)

3:30 pm
Locating Crisis: Narrative Mappings of the 2016 Gatlinburg Fire
Sydney K. Varajon ()

3:45 pm
optional discussion time

These papers are inspired by the work of folklorist and narrative scholar Amy Shuman, briefly previewing an edited collection in progress. The range of contexts considered here include: disaster recovery; the materiality of storied objects; sexuality education with persons with disabilities; parenting a child with a disability; and indigenous storytelling. These authors draw from fieldwork, applied work, and interactions in everyday life, and in the spirit of Shuman’s work, they illustrate varied ways of approaching the study of narrative in contexts and locations that extend/expand/challenge the boundaries of narrative itself, as well as the boundaries of narrative scholarship.