03-09 Start with a Story: Veteran Narratives as Healing and Intervention

Thursday, November 02, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Senate Suite

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Rachel V. González-Martin (University of Texas at Austin)

2:30 pm
Spirituality and Veterans: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Suicide Among War Veterans
Braulio Rodas (Combat Veteran Folklore)

3:00 pm
Pedagogies of Healing: A Veteran’s story of Re-Creating Home
Heriberto Arambula (Texas State University)

3:30 pm
Performing Joe: A Folklorist’s Journey through Performance
Daniel Reyes (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

4:00 pm
optional discussion time

This panel examines the use of personal narrative and storytelling practices as healing, intervention and research tools for veteran scholars. Through the uses of podcasting, autoethnography, and performance, these panelists are bridging veteran and non-veteran communities for engagement, dialogue, and understanding around the unique challenges that veterans and their families face, including transitioning from the military, moral injury, and PTSD. These presentations embody folklore’s interdisciplinary nature and offer insight into the ways that civilians and communities can advocate on behalf of veteran communities.