09-10 Film Screening: By Parties Unknown (85 min.)

Saturday, November 04, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm
Galleria I

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Josh M. Niedwick (Western Kentucky University)

Forum participants:

Michael Morrow (Struggles for Emancipation and Equality in Kentucky)

So many stories of people who met their end at the hands of a mob have gone untold. By Parties Unknown is a documentary film that explores one particular story of the violent lynching of four Black men in Russellville, Kentucky in 1908 after they were singled out for supporting their friend, Rufus Browder who shot and killed his foreman in self-defense. The historical narrative is presented through the lens of the life experience of Michael Morrow, community scholar and executive director of the SEEK (Struggles for Emancipation and Equality in Kentucky) Museum.