06-02 Decolonizing Cultural Heritage

Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Leah Lowthorp (University of Oregon)

2:30 pm
The Blackface and le Sauvage: Local Folklore versus Popular Perspective
Luc D. Guglielmi (Kennesaw State University)

3:00 pm
Uprooted Tradition: Indecency, Coloniality, and Ukrainian Bawdy Folklore
Maria Mayerchyk (University of Greifswald)

3:30 pm
Seventeenth-Century Scandinavian Heritage Construction on the Ground: Inventing Eddic Poetry between Colonialism and Cultural Appropriation
–– Frog (University of Helsinki)

4:00 pm
A Decolonial Critique of UNESCO ICH
Leah Lowthorp (University of Oregon)

Assembled Panel