Your Org/Company Name Here

Start with some text to briefly introduce your organization. Who are you? What’s your mission? Keep it brief here, since you can select from the menu of the blocks below to attract and engage the audience more strategically.

What resources do you want to share? What actions do you want visitors to take? Mix and match the blocks on this page to get the results you want.

Most of the blocks on this page allow for hyperlinks to anywhere on the web or buttons to link to “action items,” like calendar or newsletter signup pages. You can also choose different background colors for any of these blocks: red, yellow, purple (see the palette at right), white, light grey, or even black (use sparingly).

Your contact information can go here or at the bottom.

A diamond quilt block made up of triangles of red, purple, blue and yellow
This is the palette of available background colors, other than shades of grey. On your page, your logo or other image can go here.

Block with Columns

This is a basic building block you can use for any purpose; it’s an especially good choice for embedded video. Actually, you can embed a video in most of the blocks on this page if you have one to share.

Choose 2 or 3 columns, with text, images or video.

Change the color, and add links and buttons.

We can embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo with a caption to engage with your audience.

Three Posts

Image and Text

This block provides another layout for incorporating images into your exhibit space, with an image on the left and text on the right, or vice-versa. As usual, the text and background color can be altered and you can include video, buttons or hyperlinks to anywhere on the web.

Section with a Large Image

This block provides a different variation on the arrangement of text and image.

As usual, you can customize the text, add links, change the text and background color, and add buttons to call folks to action, such as joining your organization, subscribing to your newsletter, or purchasing goods and/or services.

Do you have a one-page flyer specifically for AFS meeting attendees? This might be a good way to share it, since attendees can see it at a glance.

Use a dynamic image to represent your organization or company. Be sure it’s at least 750 px x 1000 px. You can choose to have a caption or not to have one.

Call to Action: Get your audience in gear!

Use this specially pre-formatted block to entice your audience to take action, like join your newsletter, subscribe to a social media feed, or check out products and services! You can change the text or background color to red, yellow, blue, purple, grey or black.

You can use a scheduling app like Calendly to ask attendees to “Schedule an Appointment.”

The following information can happen in a footer block like what we have here or elsewhere — just don’t forget to include this information somewhere:

  • Description
  • Organization’s tagline
  • Contact person
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Organization’s website