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The Journal of Folklore Research is inviting submissions that address how folklore and ethnomusicology engage with issues like race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in transnational and local contexts.  Theoretical interventions that connect folklore and ethnomusicology to anti-racist, feminist, LGBTQI+, and decolonial studies are of particular interest for inclusion in the journal’s future offerings.  In addition, genres investigated may reflect traditional avenues of study found in folklore and ethnomusicology, as well as important contributions reflected from the perspective of the study of folklore and ethnomusicology within social movements, the visual arts, fiction, the digital humanities, and film. The important work being done by public sector folklorists, which often takes on a virtual life and form, is also very welcome in the journal. As the journal seeks to continue its international focus, we support work that is transnational, yet also reflects approaches that emphasize cultural and geographical specificity.

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JFR is always seeking contributions for future issues. We especially welcome contributions in areas such as material culture studies, performance studies, narrative, online communities, and belief.  JFR will also be encouraging work in existing and emerging areas of intersection with folklore studies and ethnomusicology. 

Encounters: Explorations in Folklore and Ethnomusicology

JFR, in partnership with Indiana University Press and the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University, produces a book series based on some of the journal’s outstanding special issues.

Journal of Folklore Research Reviews

The Journal of Folklore Research Reviews strives to keep readers informed on current scholarship engaging with expressive culture. JFRR offers timely and concise reviews of recent works (primarily scholarly monographs and edited volumes) relevant to folkloristics and ethnomusicology, delivered directly and free of charge to individuals through an email subscription list and preserved online at our website. Our reviews, created by volunteer reviewers, reach over 1,000 subscribers from all around the globe on a weekly basis.

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Journal of Folklore Research
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