Trickster Press

Trickster Press, a graduate-student-run publishing house affiliated with the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology of Indiana University, aims to provide a publishing platform in which scholars (academic or otherwise) can openly share ideas, engage in dialogue, and drive the ongoing conversations in folklore and ethnomusicology.

Cover of journal, with Folklore Forum running vertically on the side on a dark green background, and a drawing of a house with steps and bushes in front of the door.

Folklore Forum is Trickster’s interdisciplinary journal for the digital publication of scholarship related to the humanities and social sciences. Taking folklore and ethnomusicology as our discursive foundation, we strive to create a community from which emerging scholars can interrogate existing paradigms through both standard and non-standard media.

A montage of book covers, with the Trickster logo (a red capital T with fox ears and a tail) in the middle. Covers include A guide for Field Workers on Folklore, Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative, The Emergence of Folklore of Everyday Life, The Old Traditional Way of Life, Discourse in Ethnomusicology: Essays in Honor of George List, Beyond Oedipus, Reading Takelma Tets, Log Buildings of Southern Indiana, Folklore on Two Continents, Fields of Folklore

Trickster Press has published key folklore texts for over five decades.

Most recently, we reprinted Kenneth S. Goldstein’s A Guide for Field Workers in Folklore, which features a new preface by Diane E. Goldstein.

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Line drawing of a house with steps and bushes outside the front door, and the text: Trickster Press, Indiana University, 800 E. 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN 47405