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MA in Cultural Sustainability (MACS) at Goucher College

Goucher’s Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability is a completely unique program. You will learn how to work closely with individuals and communities to identify, protect, enhance, and advocate for important traditions, ways of life, cherished spaces, and our vital relationships to each other and the world. As a result, you will become a leader, writer, thinker, teacher, activist, and/or entrepreneur who will take action to counter the powerful forces that endanger communities and threaten cultural equity around the world.

The MA in Cultural Sustainability is a low-residency graduate program that prepares students to work with the communities they care about to strengthen and sustain valued traditions while advocating for cultural equity across sectors. Drawing on the wisdom and experiences of folklore, indigenous research, activism, inter-cultural dialogue, and non-profit leadership our students develop the knowledge and skills to enact social change through community-driven research, documentation, and action.

We have mastered the low-residency model which enables students to learn while remaining in the communities where they live and work. Students come to campus for short term, intensive residencies twice a year where they meet each other in person, explore hands on cultural sustainability initiatives, and create a community of practice. Then they return to their communities where they apply what they are learning to the communities that matter most to them.

With advanced degrees in Folklore, Museum Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Leadership Studies, Communications, and Management, our internationally known faculty are practitioners who bring years of practical experience and professional connections to their courses.  Our partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage connects our students to exceptional curators working on exemplary cultural initiatives.  Learn more about our Faculty.  

While our required courses focus on undertaking community-based research, building meaningful partnerships, and understanding cultural policy, our electives allow students to plot their own course toward museum education, folklife programming, community organizing, non-profit cultural leadership, healthcare, or education.  87% of our Alums report working in careers relevant to their degree.  See our Curriculum Page for details.

Students complete a 6-credit Capstone demonstrating their mastery of the concepts in cultural sustainability.  Some choose to write an academic thesis or White Paper to impact public policy; others design public programs such as exhibits, websites, theater productions, and community-based story gathering initiatives.   All are grounded in ethical practice and local knowledge.  See a Sampling of Capstone Projects to learn more.

Interested?  Or know someone who might be?  We have a rolling deadline with multiple entry points throughout the year.  Decisions are made within a few days so you can begin planning your graduate career right away.  Read more about tuition, financial aid, and How to Apply.

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We are located at:
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To speak with the program director, contact: Amy E. Skillman — [email protected] or 410-337-6415

For Admissions Questions, contact:
Lexi Rudolph – [email protected]

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