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  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

8:00 am–5:00 pm
Studio 304

Quiet Room

8:00 am–5:00 pm
Client Office

Room for Families

8:00 am–6:00 pm
Promenade D

Ask an Archivist

8:00 am–6:00 pm
Promenade D

Exhibit Room Open

8:00 am–10:00 am

Concurrent Sessions (01a)

01-04  Theory, Tradition, and Practice in Contemporary Puppetry [hybrid]  

01-05  Women, Belief, and Everyday Religious Experiences in Contemporary Multi-ethnic China [hybrid]

01-07  Pilgrimage and Place

8:30 am–10:00 am

Concurrent Sessions (01b)

01-03  Song and Movement [hybrid]

01-08  Folklore and the Public Humanities Ecosystem, Part 1: Heritage, Cultural Intelligence, and Creativity in Oklahoma Nonprofits

01-09  Folklore and Science Section Prize Winning Panel

01-12  Revisiting Folklore Community Scholar Programs: A Dialogue about Past, Present, and Future

01-13  Public Folklore, Historic Preservation, and Heritage Studies

8:30 am–10:00 am
Tulsa Central

Fellows Follow-up Discussion of Interrogating the Normal: Folkloristic Engagements with Disability [hybrid]

9:30 am–12:30 pm
Oklahoma North

Local Learning Workshop: Teaching with Primary Sources in Folklife Collections

10:30 am–11:30 am
Studio 315

Coffee Break with the Cultural Diversity Committee

10:30 am–12:00 pm
Greenwood Cultural Center

Remembering Terror, Retelling History: A Conversation about Racial Justice Initiatives in Tulsa and N.C.

10:30 am–12:30 pm

Concurrent Sessions (02)

02-01  Folklore and Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities

02-02  Emerging Perspectives in the Study of Folklore and Performance

02-03  The War in Ukraine, Nationalism, and Folklore’s Future: Re-Centering Post-Socialist Eastern Europe [hybrid]  

02-04  Puppetry, Embodiment, and Disruption With Performing Objects [hybrid]  

02-05  Reassessing Key Moments in Ethnography, Theory, and Disciplinary History [hybrid]

02-07  Folklore and the Transformation of Museum Collection Practices

02-08  Folklore and the Public Humanities Ecosystem, Part 2: University-Based Humanities Programs

02-09  Radical Futures: Visionary Folklore and Intergenerational Justice

02-10  Winston Fleary and The Big Drum Nation Dance

02-11  Reconsidering Folk and Self-Taught Art

02-12  Folklore and the Environment

02-13  Proverb(s)

02-14  Apprenticeships and More: Methods for Transmitting Traditional Knowledge

12:15 pm–1:45 pm
Oklahoma North

Resource Sharing in Folk Arts

12:30 pm–1:30 pm
Oklahoma South

Oklahoma Politics and Women’s Rights

1:15 pm–2:15 pm

Indiana University Graduate Program Information Session

2:30 pm–3:30 pm
Studio 315

AFS Endowment Fund Info Session

2:30 pm–4:30 pm

Concurrent Sessions (03)

03-01  Where Oral and Aural Tradition Meet: Recording, Producing, and Listening to Songs and Stories on the Radio

03-02  Environmentalisms from the Bottom Up: Knowledge Exchange in Appalachian Contexts

03-03  Jorts (Unbuttered, Unbothered, Unionized) [hybrid]  

03-04  Memes, Humor, and Identity [hybrid]

03-05  Festivals and Celebrations [hybrid]

03-06  Aspirations for a Better Life

03-07  2SLGBTQ+ History and Activism in Oklahoma

03-08  On Becoming More Differentiated: Diversification of Craft Practices and Experiences in Southwest China

03-09  Workshop: Visionary Folklore and Intergenerational Justice: Methods, Experiments, and Play

03-11  Folklore and Education Advocacy

03-12  Song and Performance

03-13  Engaging the Personal in the Cultural Politics of Italian Migrations

03-14  Text, Translation, and Documentation

5:00 pm–6:00 pm
Promenade C

Greenwood’s Past, Present, and Future

6:00 pm–7:30 pm

Reception Celebrating the AFS Notable Folklorists of Color

6:00 pm–8:00 pm
Sukkah of the Congregation B’nai Emunah

Sukkot Dinner and Lecture by Gabrielle Berlinger in the Sukkah of Tulsa’s Congregation B’nai Emunah

6:30 pm–7:30 pm
offsite TBD

Graduate Student and Young Professional Happy Hour

6:30 pm–7:30 pm
The Daily Grill (Hotel Bar in the Hyatt Regency Tulsa)

Local Learning Happy Hour

7:00 pm–8:30 pm
Tulsa South

Legacy Council Reception

8:00 pm–9:30 pm
Promenade A

Aurality and the Craft of Deathwork among Migrants in Southern Turkey

8:00 pm–10:00 pm
offsite TBD

Descendants: Boundaries of Beginnings (Film and Q&A)

8:30 pm–10:30 pm
Tulsa Central


9:00 pm–12:00 am
Director 5

Instrumental Music Jam Session

9:00 pm–12:00 am
Director 1

Vocal Music Jam Session