Thursday, October 13

Post-Croning Women’s Rights Story Session

Thursday, October 13, 10:30 pm–12:00 am
Tulsa Central

Women's Section

All are welcome

Kay Turner (New York University, retired)

Immediately following the 2022 Croning Ceremony and in the same room, the AFS Women’s Section hosts a “Crone Call on Women’s Rights” for personal storytelling related to women’s rights, including abortion issues, but not limited to those concerns. Transgender, non-binary, and lesbian/gay rights, as well as book banning and censorship issues will be on the table. The storytelling session is open and is meant to give any AFS attendee an opportunity to relate personal histories around critical issues that have affected and are affecting individual lives, both the lives of AFS members and members of communities we partner with across the United States and the world. ALL are welcome! This is a purely informal, performative exercise.