Thursday, Oct. 13

03-08 On Becoming More Differentiated: Diversification of Craft Practices and Experiences in Southwest China

Thursday, October 13, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm

Sponsored by the Folklore and Museums Section, the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section

Chair: Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University) and Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)

2:30 pm
Refashioning Dress in Dong and Baiku Yao Communities of Southwest China
Carrie Hertz (Museum of International Folk Art)

3:00 pm
The Differenciation and Dynamic of Basket Making in Southwest China
Lijun Zhang (George Mason University)

3:30 pm
On the Different Ways of Selling Baskets in Southwest China
Jason Baird Jackson (Indiana University)

4:00 pm
optional discussion time

While attentive to the diversity of cultural forms and social groups found in Southwest China, presentations in this panel direct attention to the growing differentiation found within the minority nationalities groups of this region groups as individuals, families, villages, generations, and other social units experience, and respond to, economic and social transformation differently. In particular, our focus will be on studies of differentiation within craft worlds. Acknowledging that there are profound and long-term tendencies towards social integration and cultural convergence underway in Southwest China, panelists will illuminate concurrent countervailing trends unfolding on the ground and expressed in material vernaculars.