Wednesday, October 11

V3-06 The Emergence and Inheritance of Folk Literature

Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm

session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Sponsored by the Transnational Asia/Pacific Section

Chair: meng li (Shandong University)

7:30 pm
An Investigation About the Influence of Zhao Ji Pancake Roll Stuffed with Scallions Restaurant‘s Cultural Propaganda on the Spread of the Related Folklore
Renzhi Wang (Shandong University)

8:00 pm
The Nonprofessional Fan Fiction in the Internet Context and the New Opportunities of Folk Literature
Huayue Sun (Shandong University)

8:15 pm
The Plot Growth Mode of the Dai heroic epic WUSHABALUO
Zhu Jiayu (Advanced Institute for Confucian Studies, Shandong University )

8:30 pm
The Zen Forest Heretic: The Rise of the Sanguan Emperor Belief Center during Ming and Qing
meng li (Shandong University)

9:00 pm
optional discussion time

This analysis examines four cases of folk literature: the oral tradition about San Guan Temple in Haizhou, the Dai epic "WUSHABALUO," fan fiction and local business legend. Although unique, these cases present various challenges and are all tangible examples of folk literature. The aim of this panel is to explore means of addressing these challenges, as well as reveal the cultural significance and value of these folk literatures.