Wednesday, October 11

V2-03 Women, Violence, and New Mexican “Traditional” Music

Wednesday, October 11, 3:30 pm–5:30 pm

session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Sponsored by the Chicano and Chicana Section

Chair: Brenda M. Romero (University of Colorado Boulder, emerita)

3:30 pm
Brief Trajectory of Colorism and Violence against Women in New Mexico
Brenda M. Romero (University of Colorado Boulder, emerita)

4:00 pm
Recovering the Emotional Core of nuevomexicanas during the Territorial Period through la finada de Paula Ángel
Carmella Scorcia Pacheco ()

4:30 pm
Serpent Stories: Tracing Snake Mythology and Violence surrounding the Jackpile-Pagute Uranium Mine
Myrriah Gomez ()

5:00 pm
Remembering La Jovencita and Decolonizing "Tradition" in the New Mexico Hispano Music Scene
Lillian Gorman (University of Arizona)

New paradigms constantly emerge to incorporate the paradoxes that inform historical and contemporary identity formation among women in New Mexico. This panel features recent scholarship from four intergenerational Chicanx New Mexican scholars in the humanities who are closing the gap in scholarly literature regarding the perpetuation of violence against women and land, as a physical correlate of the mother, in “traditional” New Mexico. The presentations follow a trajectory that goes back to practices that surrounded the casta system in Mexico during the early colonial period and continue to historical song narratives and contemporary texts that bear witness to this history.