Thursday, October 12

V5-02 Ghost and Found

Thursday, October 12, 10:30 am–12:30 pm

session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Mystery Harwood (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

10:30 am
The Myrtles Plantation of Louisiana and the Ghost Legend of Chloe
Sarah Elizabeth Meador (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

11:00 am
Ostensive and Legend-tripping Evolution in Conjuring Ke$ha
Harold Bosstick (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

11:30 am
Fake Ghosts, Real Haunting: The Consequences of the Fabricated Legend Trip in Contemporary Horror
Jessica Armendarez (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

11:45 am
The Ghost Friend: A Tale Type in Film and Literature
Mystery Harwood (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)

12:00 pm
optional discussion time

Ghosts are as prevalent now as they have ever been, and have become a mainstream source of entertainment ranging from the comic to the tragic to the terrifying. This panel, “Ghost and Found,” explores some of the different ways that ghostlore manifests in current society, from the multi-layered ostension in the television show Conjuring Kesha, the meta-legend tripping in certain found-footage, fake-turned-real haunting films such as Grave Encounters or Hell House, LLC, to the rewriting of ghostly narratives in service to the plantation tourist industry in Louisiana, to the existence of ghostly tale types in film and literature.