Virtual ProgramMonday, October 18

12-07 “The Games I Play”: Children’s Games in 1930s Ireland

Monday, October 18, 11:15 am–12:45 pm

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Sponsored by the Children's Folklore Section

Chair: Barbara Lisa Hillers (Indiana University)

11:15 am
Childlore and Games in the Irish Schools' Collection
Barbara Lisa Hillers (Indiana University)

11:30 am
Nuts in May: An Interpretive Analysis of Courtship and Capture
Kinsey Brooke (Indiana University)

12:00 pm
A Game of Colours: Symbolic and Structural Analysis of an Irish Children's Game
Caroline J. Tatem (Indiana University)

12:15 pm
The Old Irish Tig: Chasing Games and Counting Out Rhymes in the Schools’ Collection
Monica M. Marion (Indiana University)

In the schoolyear 1937-1938, Ireland's legendary Folklore Commission drafted as many as 50,000 school children into its collection efforts, resulting in a half-million manuscript pages, now digitally available on dú Not surprisingly, the so-called Schools' Collection is particularly rich in children's lore, including over 3500 descriptions of playground games. Our panel is devoted to these games, each panelist analyzing a different game. Games such as 'Tig,' 'Colours,' and 'Nuts in May,' reflect the children's social reality, while simultaneously offering imaginative escape. Documented by the child collectors, and articulating their voice and agency, the games express the children's perspective and creativity