Virtual ProgramTuesday, October 19

21-03 Creative Shifts: Music, Mobility, and Meaning in a Globalizing North

Tuesday, October 19, 9:30 am–11:00 am

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Sponsored by the Music and Song Section, the Nordic-Baltic Folklore Section

Chair: Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)

9:30 am
In Search for New and Old Sounds: Musical Mobilities within the Folk Music Revival in 1970s Sweden
Karin Eriksson (The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, Stockholm, Sweden)

9:45 am
“Everything was Kind of in Movement”: Mobility and Place in Musicians’ Life Stories
Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)

10:00 am
Shifts towards Decolonization: Revoicing Mikko Aikio’s Joik-Songs in New Contexts
Tim Frandy (Western Kentucky University)

10:15 am
“Thanks for Lending Me the Music”: On Musical Routes and Loops
Dan Lundberg (Swedish Performing Arts Agency)

10:30 am
“Perhaps Some Fading Flower Then/Would Come to Life and Bloom Again”: Revitalization of Swedish American Labor Poetry in the 21st Century
Marcus Cederstrom ()

10:45 am

Music can both generate strong senses of place, identity, and community, and bridge and mediate between people across time and space. Because music moves between different social and historical contexts, genre definitions, and forms of mediation, we can better understand communities—how they are affected and created—by examining that movement. This panel examines how musical movements in the Nordic and Nordic American region relate to wider transnational shifts. Each panelist will speak to a different aspect of shifts, collectively working to formulate an enhanced understanding of motion, mobility, and meaning in music.