Virtual ProgramTuesday, October 19

24-01 Contested Traditions, Alternative Realms, Transformational Experiences

Tuesday, October 19, 2:15 pm–3:45 pm

This live event will not be recorded.

Chair: Daniel Wojcik (University of Oregon) and Sandra Zimdars-Swartz (University of Kansas, emerita)

2:15 pm
Divine Jazz and Devotion to Saint John Coltrane
Daniel Wojcik (University of Oregon)

2:30 pm
Cacao as a Key to the Sacred Self: Embodied Spirituality, Healing, and the Emergence of Tradition
Taylor Lynn Burby (University of Oregon)

2:45 pm
"We Who Wander this Wasteland in Search of Our Better Selves": Survivalism, Community, and Identity within the Post-Apocalyptic Subculture at Wasteland Weekend
Rebecca Pace (University of Oregon)

3:00 pm
From Our Lady of Africa to Our Lady of Ferguson: Black Madonnas and the "Ecology of Images"
Sandra Zimdars-Swartz (University of Kansas, emerita)

3:15 pm

From the music of a legendary jazz saxophonist and the ceremonial use of entheogenic cacao, to a post-apocalyptic festival in the Mojave Desert and iconic images of the “Black Madonna,” the papers in this session illustrate the ways that diverse forms of vernacular expression and media may evoke profound and self-actualizing experiences. Presenters explore the dynamics of community formation and how traditions are constructed, contested, modified, and rarified. Concepts of identity, festivity, art, ritual, and vernacular religion are interrogated, with particular focus on the contestation of societal norms and the pursuit of alternative visions of community, spirituality, and cultural imagery.