Virtual ProgramTuesday, October 19

28-01 Field Studies on Traditions and Politics in Rural China

Tuesday, October 19, 8:45 pm–10:15 pm

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Qian Xu (Beijing Normal University)

8:45 pm
Tianshui Taihao Fuxi Festival from the Perspective of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage
Hui Xi (Beijing Normal University)

9:00 pm
Folk Literature Traditions and Rural Social Governance: The Case of Huaiyang District of Zhoukou, Henan Province
Qian Xu (Beijing Normal University)

9:15 pm
The Practice of “Participatory Art” in Rural China --A Case Study of Yangdeng Art Cooperative
Wen Huo (Beijing Normal University)

9:30 pm
The Thought of Ecological Civilization and Flexible Governance of Rural Society in China: A Discussion Centered on Yucun Village in Zhejiang Province
Qianqian Zhou (Beijing Normal University)

9:45 pm

The session focuses on the interaction between traditions and the politics in folklore practice of rural China. "The Practice of 'Participatory Art' in Rural China" observes the participatory art practice of Yangdeng Art Cooperative. "Folk Literature Traditions and Rural Social Governance" intends to analyze the practice by which local folklore traditions are used in rural social governance by grassroots village cadres and common villagers. “A Study of the Taihao Fuxi Festival in Tianshui from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage” discusses how the festival affects local people's daily lives. The final paper, “The Thought of Ecological Civilization and Flexible Governance of rural Society in China," observes the flexible social governance in Anji, Zhejiang, and analyzes how the local government follows tradition and protect the environment and natural resources.