Virtual ProgramTuesday, October 19

26-07 Measuring the Impact of Apprenticeships: Proposing a Longitudinal Comparative Study

Tuesday, October 19, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Emily West Hartlerode (Oregon Folklife Network)

Forum participants:

Deborah  A. Bailey (Missouri Folk Arts Program, University of Missouri )

Peter Breithaupt (Texas Folklife)

Deana Dartt (Live Oak Consulting)

Pete Rushefsky (Center for Traditional Music and Dance)

For over 40 years, apprenticeships have been critical for many folk arts organizations assisting diverse cultural communities to sustain their traditions, providing intensive one-on-one training to up-and-coming artists in hopes of advancing their participation in traditional arts. In this roundtable, folklorists and Indigenous research collaborators present their proposed cultural impact study comparing 30 years of data across five apprenticeship programs in four US regions. The roundtable seeks feedback from the field on proposed research methods and improved practices that directly benefit our nation’s culturally diverse, underserved communities and produce metrics that leverage policy change for the programs that serve them. Apprenticeship program artists/participants may be on hand to enrich the discussion, including:
Sachindara Navinna (master, Sri Lankan dance, NY) Ylvia Asal (mentor) (NJ)
Tomasita Louviere-Ligons (mentor, African American quilting) (TX)
Craig Jones (apprentice, Creole accordion building) (TX)
Iliana Vasquez (apprentice, conjunto) (TX)
Aruna Kharod (apprentice, bharatanatyam) (TX)