Virtual ProgramWednesday, October 20

36-06 Comfort Foodways During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, October 20, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Sponsored by the Foodways Section

Chair: Lucy M. Long (Center for Food and Culture)

5:15 pm
Comfort Foodways and Liminality during the “Coroniverse”
Lucy M. Long (Center for Food and Culture)

5:30 pm
Creating Comfort in a Pandemic: Intergenerational Perspectives on Feeding Resiliency
Diane Tye (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

5:45 pm
Finding Flour: The Quest for Comfort Food During the COVID-19 Lockdown
Theresa A. Vaughan (University of Central Oklahoma)

6:00 pm
Earthly Joy Through Foodways: A Good Taste in Pandemic Gardening
Minglei Zhang (Penn State Harrisburg)

6:15 pm
Creating Comfort via Embodiment in a Disembodied Time: Fieldwork, Intention, and Cultural Practices
Rachelle  H. Saltzman (Oregon Folklife Network)

6:30 pm

One of the responses in American popular culture and social media to the COVID-19 pandemic was a turn to comfort food. Defined as food consumed to relieve stress, consuming such dishes seems a logical way to allay the anxieties created by the coronavirus. Finding comfort however went beyond the consumption of selected dishes to participation in all aspects of foodways. It also was not effective for everyone or in all situations, so that discomfort frequently accompanied food activities. This panel explores a variety of ways in which people actively created comfort through food and foodways during the pandemic.