Virtual ProgramWednesday, October 20

36-05 Cultural and Social Pedagogy in the Sites of Ethnic Mexican Music-Making

Wednesday, October 20, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm

  session will be recorded and available for later viewing online

Chair: Olga Najera-Ramirez (University of California, Santa Cruz, emerita)

5:15 pm
The Cancionero and the Ideological Borderlands of Social Movements
Estevan César Azcona (San José State University)

5:30 pm
Taloneando: Mariachi Apprenticeship in the Rise of Institutional Pedagogy
Russell C. Rodríguez (University of California, Santa Cruz)

5:45 pm
Collective Songwriting: Social Improvisation as Best Practice
Martha Gonzalez (Scripps College)

6:00 pm
Tejiendo Redes: The Process of Collective Songwriting across Cultural Spaces and Virtual Platforms
Xochitl C. Chavez (University of California, Riverside)

This panel will explore the greater value of social/cultural gatherings and communal interactions through music-making processes in Mexicano and Chicanx communities in the United States. Recognizing that music-making contributes to the repository of collective memory, a site for moral instruction and as a practice towards understanding alternative productions of knowledge, how has cultural knowledge been produced historically and in the current moment within these communities? What other formations and identities are being produced in these processes? The panelists identify music-making through transmission, performance, and co-creation as forms of cultural pedagogy that inform community-based ways of knowing.