The Scholars’ Choice

Welcome to The Scholar’s Choice virtual book exhibit!

We will be exhibiting in Tulsa but are pleased to offer a virtual exhibit full of discounted books from about a dozen publishers.

A long table full of books in a conference exhibit hall, draped with a blue cloth and the words "The Scholars' Choice"

Who We Are

We at The Scholar’s Choice are passionate about exhibiting the latest in scholarship for specialized academic audiences. We market books on behalf of university & academic publishers and attend 80-100 conferences a year, bringing the latest in scholarship by presses who choose not to exhibit on their own. This year we will have both a virtual and an in-person exhibit.

We hope you’ll support our presses!

Shop Discounted Books!

Browse our catalog of books from about a dozen publishers selected for AFS Annual Meeting attendees. The 2022 catalog is coming soon!

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For Authors

Arrangements to exhibit books through The Scholar’s Choice are made by your publisher, press, or distributor. While we may send suggestions and general recommendations to publishers about which books to exhibit, we do not select the books on display. If you are an author interested in having your book considered for inclusion in a Scholar’s Choice exhibit, please contact your publisher directly. 

The Scholar’s Choice

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